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Meet Three Fans …


Kendra Olson is an author living in London. She won The First Lie in a cover poll hosted by A Lover of Books in 2015. (You can read about how we met here.) Kendra emailed me to say how much she loved the book, then wrote a review on Amazon, told her friends, interviewed me on her blog, become someone I ask about covers of future books etc. While Kendra was training as an editor, she also read early drafts of Laying Ghosts and The Third Note. Her comments gave me some great ideas and got me out of trouble!


Katrina Marie Hart lives in Norwich, UK. She’s an author and book blogger. She met Kendra Olson at a writing course and after Kendra read The First Lie she recommended it to Katrina, who bought it and wrote a review. Katrina bought The Second Path the day it was published, stayed up for two nights reading it and posted its first five-star review! I invited Katrina to join the Selkie Moon Advance Reader Team (SMART) in time to read and review The Third Note.



Gayle Boyce lives in Texas. She won The First Lie in a literary scavenger hunt. She contacted me straight away to thank me for the prize and said she’d been hoping to win it. But because Gayle is a mystery reader with a blog, it took her a while to read it. Several months later she wrote a review, then bought The Second Path and reviewed that too. Gayle is now a member of the Selkie Moon Advance Reader Team (SMART) and she read and reviewed an advance copy of The Third Note.


Become a Fan!

Read The First Lie and join the roller-coaster ride with Selkie Moon.  If you don’t have a copy, you can buy the book HERE.